2017 Bassmaster Classic – Houston, Texas (Lake Conroe)

The 2017 Bassmaster Classic presented by Geico was hosted in in Houston, Texas from March 24-26, 2017. Professional anglers and qualifiers fished a stormy Lake Conroe on Friday, March 24th. Those that made the cut went on to fish completely

(PICTURES) Top 10 World Record Largemouth Bass

Rank: 1a* Weight: 22.311 lbs Angler: Manabu Kurita Location: Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan Date: July 2, 2009 *Manabu Kurita officially tied Perry's record from 1932 but his fish did not weigh 2 ounces more than Perry's so it did not officially beat it. Rank: 1b* Weight: 22.25


Promark GPS Drone

Promark GPS Shadow Drone Review

With a wide variety of cheap drone options - it can be hard to decipher which are quality and which a waste of time and money. I purchased the Promark GPS Shadow drone at Walmart on Black Friday for $99.

Fun Facts

Zebra Mussels on Dock Rope.

Zebra Mussels Have Invaded!

Zebra mussels have invaded! Native to lakes of southern Russia and Ukraine the mussels were first found in the United States in the Great Lakes in 1988. Since, they have spread south and are now confirmed present in many of

Bass Eating Goldfish

Largemouth bass are known to eat a extremely wide variety of prey. Everything from worms, lizards, frogs, other fish, and even birds are known to be on the menu for largemouth. In captivity and occasionally as fishing bait - feeder