Largemouth Bass Artwork | Paintings, Drawings, Sketches & Computer Generated

With bass fishing being as popular as ever - whether searching for a new phone background or a beautiful piece of original art to hang above your mantel - there are tons of exceptional artists creating quality lifelike and abstract

Schooling Bass

Why do bass school? There are two thoughts of belief on if bass actually school or if it should technically be call an aggregation.The first thought of belief is that bass do school.  Bass group together as fry and the thought

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15 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Bass Fishermen

As the holidays are rapidly approaching you may be looking for fishing gift ideas for the angler in your life. We've compiled a list of great fishing gift ideas for the 2016 holidays. Presents from just a few dollars all

What happens to your hook/lure when you break off on a bass?

What happens to your hook or lure when a largemouth bass breaks off your fishing line?Several things can happen:The bass will rub and work the hook out against the bottom. The bass will jump and shake to rid itself