15 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Bass Fishermen

As the holidays are rapidly approaching you may be looking for fishing gift ideas for the angler in your life. We’ve compiled a list of great fishing gift ideas for the 2016 holidays. Presents from just a few dollars all the way up to several hundred – this list has it all!

1 – Tackle Subscription/Magazine Subscription (~$15)

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage these days and you can find many different options to meet your needs. Mystery Tackle Box and Lucky Tackle Box are two of the most popular – subscriptions start as low as $15/month and each website has the option to give the subscription as a gift. If magazines are more your style; In-Fisherman, Sport Fishing and Bassmaster are all great options. logo

31nxqvwwzkl-_sy450_2 – Line Cutter Scissors (~$5)

While most anglers have a pair of pliers – not many have line cutter scissors. This little tool is extremely useful when re-tying knots. Fishing scissors allows the fisherman to accurately remove tags in a quick and efficient manner.

3 – Fishing Art (~$10-$1000)81tivbd6xnl-_sl1000_

A fisherman loves all thing fishing – and that includes artwork. The world wide internet offers art items for a man-cave such as this awesome tin sign or a lodge-type wood canvas. You can also find more refined office and home fishing artwork like this realistic painting of a bass vs dragonfly or this more abstract concept that includes very vivid colors. To make this holiday season a truly memorable experience try going for the original drawing or prints if for sale.

4 – Action Camera ($100+)61bced6nxcl-_sl1500_

Sure you get to see all the great pictures of your favorite angler holding his new record fish and smiling but what if you could watch a short video clip which captured all the awesome hook-setting, heart pounding action that took place to land that record fish – an action camera like a GoPro can allow anglers to share their experience with you. Action cameras are often waterproof and can be mounted in many different ways for different angle shots.

5 – Sunglasses ($100+)10094875

Polarized sunglasses can be a game changer on the water – allowing anglers to see into the water at greater depths and with greater clarity. Costa Del Mar is the primo brand name when it comes to fishing sunglasses and the cost of these sunglasses is totally worth it. You’ll soon be hearing stories about how he or she wouldn’t have caught a fish without them. Opt for glass for the best quality and a scratch resistant lens (also more expensive) or for plastic lenses if your angler is prone to dropping things (impact resistant).

6 – Rain Gear ($30-$100)71gco4qrjxl-_sl1335_

Just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean the fishing is bad. Bass often are biting most as a storm front approaches. That can mean that anglers often get caught in the rain or simply just decide to fish in it. A good set of fishing rain gear can go a long way in making fisherman warm and dry in the midst of a downpour.

7 – Hawg Trough/Scale ($15-20)images

Stop all those BIG FISH stories by gifting a Hawg Trough (fish length measuring device) or a fishing scale – that way you’ll know for sure when they say their fish was “this” big.

8 – Cooler ($250+)yeti-20-hero

Being on the water all day takes its toll – anglers can quickly become drained of fluids. Staying hydrated is key. Just like Costa is the name in sunglasses – YETI is the name in coolers. Yeti coolers fit snugly in the back of kayaks and provide no-skid surfaces when installed on boats. If a hard-body cooler shell is not preferred YETI also offers soft-sided cooler bag options.

9 – Fishing Stickers/Decals (~$5)berkley_logo

Fishing stickers are a cheap and easy gift to give to anglers. Brand names stickers are often placed on boats, kayaks, tackle boxes and vehicles. You can’t go wrong with brand name stickers from: Costa, Yeti, Abu Garcia, Gary Yamamto, Shimano, Rapala and Berkley. If brand names are their style – try going with classic bass fishing stickers and decals.

10 – Bass Picture Frame (~$15)81warfy6kcl-_sl1500_

This one is cheap, easy and sentimental. Step one: buy bass themed picture frame. Step two: print out photo of angler with their best catch. Step three: frame photo for excellent and personalized gift idea. To flip the script – you could print a out a photo of your biggest catch and autograph it to your “biggest fan” as a funny way to gift the frame.

11 – Fishing Clothing – hat, gloves, pants, shirt ($10-$40)fm7253_499_f

Yes, your favorite angler wears clothes when they fish – but do they wear fishing gear? Are they adequately protected from the sun? Or are they too cheap to spend money on fishing clothing and would rather save it all for baits? Now is your time to gift an item or two to give your favorite angler a better experience out on the water. Fishing is a huge sport and fishing product lines have been developed for hats, gloves, pants and shirts.

12 – Fishing Bag (~$20)31kgh8t1xl

Most anglers have a tackle box but not all have a fishing bag. A fishing bag is versatile and great for anglers on the move. Whether it’s fishing a local pond or getting down to your favorite spot – having a fishing bag makes it much easier for an angler to carry a rod and baits and still have a hand free.

13 – Waterproof Case ($15-$35)41m2u8kxq-l

Nobody wants to have their phone destroyed because of a rogue wave or an unintended swim. A waterproof case is a quick and easy way for fishermen to protect their valuables from the elements. Locking plastic cases have long been the norm but YETI has recently introduced a new soft-sided bag which has impressed many anglers.

14 – Safety Items ($5+)51xj4go51el-_sl1024_

Safety while on the water is something to take very seriously. It is relatively cheap and easy to equip an angler with many safety tools such as: a whistle, air horn, compass and para-cord, flare gun, life jacket and more.

15 – Fishing Chair41kfyfylfjl

Not everyone knows that there are specially made fishing chairs that anglers can not only when on the ice but also on banks or piers.



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