20 Must Have Bass and Fishing Related Items For Your Man-cave

We scoured the internet (well Amazon really) to find all the best bass and fishing related man-cave items so you don’t have to. It’s like an early fishing report – but not.

#1. Bass Ceiling Fan/Light Chain

See a largemouth bass every single time you reach to turn on the light. See it swing in circles to the motion of your fan.

Buy on Amazon – $8.25

#2. Flying Remote Control Bass

Fly this bad boy all around your man-cave, heck, make it the whole house.

Get it on Amazon – $34.95

#3. Squeezable Bass Stress-toys

Angry that you couldn’t go fishing? Squeeze away at your very own largemouth bass shaped stress toy!

Set of 6 on Amazon – $10.49

#4. Hand Painted Bass Replica

Order this hand painted largemouth bass replica to remind yourself of the beauty of this fish you pursue – and to support someone who hand paints fish replicas.

Sold through Amazon – $21.99

#5. Toy Fishing Truck and Boat Combo

Guys will always want toy trucks – always – no matter the age. Nowadays, you can get a toy truck with a nice bass boat hitched behind. Bonus points if you are able to find the exact make and model vehicle your buddy drives – give it a shot, seriously.

On Amazon – $8.32

#6. Largemouth Bass Throw Pillow

Get an avid angler this largemouth bass throw pillow so they can rest their head on a comfy plush bass and dream of the record catches to come.

Buy with Amazon Prime – $12.46

#7. Largemouth Bass Weather Vein

Nothing screams, “I LOVE BASS!” to the neighborhood like a largemouth bass shaped weather vein on prominent display on your roof.

Purchase from Amazon – $29.95

#8. Largemouth Bass T-Shirt

Don’t even think about going to grab the newspaper or check the mail without a bass on your chest.

Found on Amazon – $19.99

#9. Largemouth Bass Wall Art

Tin signs, posters, original art….are all acceptable choices for your walls.

Many choices on Amazon – $24.99

#10. Largemouth Bass Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

If there will be food served in your bass themed room then step up and get this salt and pepper shaker holder to complete the room.

Order on Amazon – $14.95

#11. Fishing Reel Trinket/Storage Box

Make storage cool! Also a great place to put all the leftover hooks and lures you’ve been meaning to clean.

Buy on Amazon – $16.99

#12. Fishing Themed Throw-Rug

Nothing ties a room together like a well placed bass themed rug.

Can be found on Amazon – $100+

#13. Fishing organization

For the fisherman who would like to be organized but spends all his free time fishing. Tackle box decals make it super easy to grab-n-go!

Order from Amazon – $4.95

#14. Fishing Journal/Log Book

Ok, there a ton of killer smartphone apps out there but there is something nostalgic about keeping track of your fishing trips on paper – you never have to worry about battery life.

Buy on Amazon – $11.95

#15.  Bass Magazine Subscription

There are several to choose from but only a few that are quality. In-Fisherman is quality BUT covers a multitude of fishing. Bassmaster or Field and Stream are a couple other obvious options.

Subscribe to the paper or kindle version via Amazon – $1.50 or $10

#16. Lure Display

This can be done in two ways – purchase the complete and likely better finished product from a professional at a much higher price. Or buy the supplies from a craft store like Hobby Lobby and make a pretty nice DIY lure display at a fraction of the price.

Get it on Amazon -$69.95

#17. Bass Shower Curtain

If the man-cave bass theme is not enough – set the tone for the bathroom with this awesome largemouth bass shower curtain.

Buy on Amazon – $15.00

#18. Bass slippers

Bass shirt, bass coffee cup, bass slippers. What’s next, bass shorts and socks?

Get them on Amazon – $15.99

#19. Bass Bottle Opener

Catch a bass while your catching a buzz…..responsibly.

Found on Amazon – $16.91

#20. Bass shaped candy or food

Lastly, every guy loves food – amirite – so why not bass or fished shaped chocolate candy or cookies. This mold will allow you to melt some Hershey’s bars into bass shape – as many times as you want. 

Buy on Amazon – $2.99

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