5 CHEAP and EASY Ways to Extend the Life of Lures and Keep Them Looking Fresh

1.) Don’t just replace treble hooks ALSO replace split rings. Split rings are typically a cheap afterthought for lure manufactures’. Replacing any split rings with noncorrosive stainless-steel split rings will go a long way in extending the life of a lure.

Use a Sharpie to freshen-up lures.

2.) Clean lures with toothpaste. The brightening agents and light grit contained within toothpaste works to brighten and restore lure finishes. Use warm water to rinse the lure first and then scrub with toothpaste and an old toothbrush.

3.) A color selection of permanent felt tip markers can be used to freshen up or customize baits. Use red for enhanced gill slashes or dark back for exaggerated glaring eyes.

4.) Superglue to save! It’s as simple as it seems. A few bucks spent on a couple re-sealable packages of super glue can equal big savings. Simply put a dab of superglue on your jig head or hook tip each time you rig. The bond created helps secure your bait and prevents it from slipping down or being flung off.

5.) Restore blades and spoons by polishing baits with ketchup. The acid within the vinegar in the ketchup takes the tarnish right off! Putting them in a vinegar solution for a few hours is a simple alternative.

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