5 Similarities between Bass Fishing and Deer Hunting | Keys to Success


Whether heading out in search of that lunker largemouth or that trophy buck — anglers and hunters alike can benefit from knowing 5 key similarities between the two activities that can help ensure success on the water or in the woods.

1.) Timing – Dawn and Dusk

The best times to hunt as well as fish are during dawn and dusk. It is during this time that the animals are on the move. Whether just starting their day and in search of food or returning to a certain preferred area for the night; bass anglers and hunters know that being prepared at this prime time of reduced light can be a huge key to success.

2.) Trails

All hunters know that deer follow trails through the woods when traveling from one location to another but not everyone knows that bass follow similar underwater trails – bass travel together in orderly fashion along underwater highways using structural variations as “singposts” to show them the way. If anglers and hunters know how to spot signs of these trails they can position themselves in strategic ways when on the hunt.

3.) The Biggest Ones Are The Hardest To Find

The general consensus here is that if an animal has lived through many hunting or angling seasons and has survived to a ripe old age is that the animal is extremely wary and typically the last to venture from hiding. That trophy buck or bass may be deeper into cover than the others and more reluctant show itself .

4.) Stealth Approach

Both fish and deer are wary and there are a number of ways hunters can lessen their chances of scaring them off – hunters will conceal themselves with camo while anglers make sure to stay adequate distance away from their area they are casting to (using the saying that if you can see the fish the fish can see you – and that’s not a good thing). Working to prevent loud noises and sudden movements can help in either situation.

5.) Bait

Baiting is allowed for deer hunting in many states and the bait you choose can be the difference maker. Anglers and hunters have big decisions to make here: acorns, corn, berries, buck bomb for hunters OR live worms, minnows, lures, artificials, etc. for fishermen – some of your decision will come down to luck but if you have put in enough time and done your research you’ll likely be able to pick a winning combination of bait plus the 4 other keys above to put together a good day in nature.

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