Bass World Records

Largemouth Bass World Records


Rank Weight Angler Location Date
1a 22.311 Manabu Kurita Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan July 2nd, 2009*
1b 22.25 George Perry Montgomery Lake, Georgia, USA June 2nd, 1932*
3 22.01 Robert Crupi Castaic Lake, California, USA March 12th, 1991
4 21.75 Michael Arujo Castaic Lake, California, USA March 5th, 1991
5 21.688 Jed Dickerson Lake Dixon, California, USA May 31st, 2003
6 21.2 Raymond Easley Lake Casitas, California, USA March 4th, 1980
7 21.01 Robert Crupi Castaic Lake, California, USA March 9th, 1990
8 20.938* Dave Zimmerlee Miramar Reservoir, California, USA June 23rd, 1973
9 20.86 Leo Torres Castaic Lake, California, USA February 4th, 1990
10 20.75 Mike Long Lake Dixon, California, USA April 27th, 2001
11 20.25 Gene Dupras Lake Hodges, CA May 30th, 1985
12 20.25* Johnny Garduno Miramar Reservoir, California, USA March 25th, 1990
13 20.125 Fritz Friebel Big Fish Lake, Florida, USA May 19th, 1923
14 19.7 George Coniglio Lake Mission Viejo, California, USA March 21st, 2006
15 19.5 Mark Balloid Castaic Lake, California, USA May 28th, 1990
16 19.5 Randy Crabtree Lake Casitas, CA April 9th, 2002
17 19.5 Keith Gunsauls Miramar Reservoir, California, USA February 29th, 1988
18 19.438 Mac Weakley Lake Dixon, California, USA May 20th, 2003
19 19.25 Chris Brandt Miramar Reservoir, California, USA March 22nd, 1998
20 19.188 Steve Beasley Lake Wohlford, California, USA February 3rd, 1986
21 19.188 Arden Hanline Sr. Lake Morena, California, USA February 17th, 1987
22 19.15 Kazuya Shimada Lake Ikehara, Nara, Japan April 22nd, 2003
23 19.1 Bruce Knutsen Lake Baccarac, Sinaloa, Mexico January 17th, 1993
24 19.063* Sandy DeFresco Miramar Reservoir, California, USA March 14th, 1988
25 19.04 Danny Kadota Castaic Lake, California, USA January 8th, 1989

*Manabu Kurita officially tied Perry’s record from 1932 but his fish did not weigh 2 ounces more than Perry’s so it did not officially beat it.

*Dave Zimmerlee – several anglers claimed to have seen Zimmerlee pull the dying bass from the water instead of actually catching it. Zimmerlee denies this claim.

*Johnny Garduno – anglers claimed that Garduno used his net to scoop his bass as it investigated his stringer of trout.

*Sandy DeFresco – weights were found in the belly of this fish but nobody could explain why. Defresco was awarded the weight of the fish minus the 2.5 pound weight.

Interesting Note:

Mac Weakley with the famous fish Dottie

An angler from California named Mac Weakley actually caught the largest largemouth bass ever but it did not count towards any records because he foul-hooked it!

On March 20, 2006 Mac caught a 25.1 pound bass with a distinctive dot on the bottom of her gill-plate on Lake Dixon the US state of Califonia.

Mac could have gone the way of controversy as a few of the angler above but did not. He released Dottie after a quick picture. She died of old age 3 years later.

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