Better Fish Pictures

We all love the thrill of catching a fish and we all love to capture that moment with a picture. You don’t need a fancy camera and your fish doesn’t have to be a monster to take great looking fish photos.

I take two kinds of fish photos when I’m on my boat or kayak. I am either taking a photo of me and the fish in one pose or another or I am taking pictures of the fish on a hawg trough so I can prove I actually caught that 23 incher.


The more I fish and track my habits the more I’m interested in tracking the length of the fish I catch. It’s easier and I believe safer for the fish to measure length than it is to weight a fish. However, I will always reserve to right to weigh a very large fish.

For my fish poses I’ve learned a thing or two over the years. Recently I’ve found that kneeling on my boat deck makes for a better photo opportunity than standing. Maybe it’s the angle of the person taking the picture is better or the fact that when I bend my knee is shows less gut. Also, bring in your dang elbow people. You look afraid of the fish or like somebody who drinks tea and coffee with their pinky finger in the air.

Poses and angles can make fish sizes deceiving and a 15 inch fish can easily look like a 5 pounder under the right conditions. I don’t feel one way or the other about this but I always like to have my hawg trough photo as back up evidence.


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