Bass Fishing Glossary – Terms and Expressions

Action - measurement of rod ability to return to a straight position that ranges from fast to slow and rod strength that ranges from light, medium to heavy.Active Fish - Bass that are abundant and aggressive in a particular area.Angler - A person using a rod and reel to catch fish.Anti-reverse

Costa Corbina Fish Tale

Costa Corbina Sunglasses Blue

  I want to tell you about a personal best (PB) story of mine that almost didn't happen. This fish caught was my best in length and probably weight wise and I caught it on a mid-afternoon in March 2016, not during peak hours. I was on one of my favorite lakes

Selfies on a Boat

 GoPro's and drones have changed the game and now amateur and immature fold are able to look semi professional for only a few hundred dollars.If you are looking to take photos or videos from your boat or kayak there are plenty of camera and mounting options. GoPro - they were the

Face Gear/Sun Protection

Nowadays anglers are always taking extra steps to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun. Because of this concern a market has developed for cleverly designed neck guards that can be pulled up around the face to offer protection from the eyes below.The company salt armor has created

What Do Largemouth Bass Eat?

Largemouth bass are typically the apex predator and at the top of the food chain in their environment.Here is a list of prey largemouth bass are known to eat:Shad Sunfish Perch Minnows Frogs Snakes Rats Birds Worms Eels Other Bass Crayfish (also known as Crawdad or Crawfish) Trout Insects

Gold Bass?

Gold Bass? It's true, but is an extremely rare occurrence that is believed to be caused by a genetic mutation. This genetic anomaly is known as xanthism. It can also affect birds, reptiles and other species of fish. This mutation causes the fish to lose its ability to produce the colors