Promark GPS Shadow Drone Review

Promark GPS Drone

With a wide variety of cheap drone options - it can be hard to decipher which are quality and which a waste of time and money. I purchased the Promark GPS Shadow drone at Walmart on Black Friday for $99. Ever the skeptic my initial rating of the Promark drone

Seasonal Feeding Habits of Bass

The folks over at have put together a fantastic info graphic showing what to expect and how to target bass during each season of the year. No matter the time of year, by referring to the seasonal feeding habits of bass chart below - anglers can better prepare themselves

15 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Bass Fishermen

As the holidays are rapidly approaching you may be looking for fishing gift ideas for the angler in your life. We've compiled a list of great fishing gift ideas for the 2016 holidays. Presents from just a few dollars all the way up to several hundred - this list has

Bass Fishing Glossary – Terms and Expressions

Action - measurement of rod ability to return to a straight position that ranges from fast to slow and rod strength that ranges from light, medium to heavy. Active Fish - Bass that are abundant and aggressive in a particular area. Angler - A person using a rod and reel to catch fish. Anti-reverse

What Do Largemouth Bass Eat?

Largemouth bass are typically the apex predator and at the top of the food chain in their environment. When artificial baits are not working or when anglers are targeting trophy size fish, often live bait is needed to be successful.  Here is a list of prey largemouth bass are known to eat