15 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Bass Fishermen

As the holidays are rapidly approaching you may be looking for fishing gift ideas for the angler in your life. We've compiled a list of great fishing gift ideas for the 2016 holidays. Presents from just a few dollars all the way up to several hundred - this list has

Bass Fishing Glossary – Terms and Expressions

Action - measurement of rod ability to return to a straight position that ranges from fast to slow and rod strength that ranges from light, medium to heavy. Active Fish - Bass that are abundant and aggressive in a particular area. Angler - A person using a rod and reel to catch fish. Anti-reverse

Sunsets While Fishing

  One of the best byproducts of fishing is the incredible scenery, views and sunsets (or sunrises often) that anglers get to experience and enjoy. Below are some of our very favorite scenic or sunset pictures. Please share yours with us via social media!                                                                          

Largemouth Bass Virus (LMBV) Facts and Information

What is Largemouth Bass Virus? It is one of more than 100 naturally occurring viruses that affect fish but not warm-blooded animals. Origin is unknown, but it is related to a virus found in frogs and other amphibians and nearly identical to a virus isolated in fish imported to the U.S.