Pet Largemouth Bass

Owning a largemouth bass can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. There are several things to keep in mind before deciding on having a large fish as a pet such as their aggressive nature and longevity. The largemouth bass is a fast growing, aggressive apex predator fish that does not

Seasonal Feeding Habits of Bass

The folks over at have put together a fantastic info graphic showing what to expect and how to target bass during each season of the year. No matter the time of year, by referring to the seasonal feeding habits of bass chart below - anglers can better prepare themselves

Costa Corbina Fish Tale

Costa Corbina Sunglasses Blue

  "I want to tell you about a personal best (PB) story of mine that almost didn't happen." This fish caught was my best in length and probably weight wise and I caught it on a mid-afternoon in March 2016, not during peak hours. I was on one of my favorite lakes -

Record Holding Largemouth Bass From All 50 States

We have all heard of Manabu Kurita's world record shattering 22.331 pound bass caught in Japan in mid-2009. And we have heard legends of George Perry's 22.25 pounder caught on Montgomery Lake in Georgia in 1932. But what if you live in a state where the average weight of a bass caught

Garage Kayak Hanging

Don't leave your kayak outside to be attacked by the elements. If you have wall space in your garage you can easily hang two kayaks for less than $20 each. This DIY kayak rack can be completed in a matter of minutes. Here is a list of the supplies you will need: Heavy

Night Fishing

In the summer, especially in southern states, the heat of the day causes the fishing pattern to change. Anglers often come out earlier or stay out later because of the heat. Some anglers decide to simply fish during the night. In lakes that are stained and muddy fish tend to

How Do Bass Eat?

Bass don't always strike things to eat. They may strike out of curiosity, they may be defending their territory or they may just be mean fish. But when they do actually decide to eat their prey, how do they do that? How do bass crush their prey and get what they fit

Why Do Some Bass Have Black Spots

Why do some bass that I catch have black spots? That is a question that many anglers have asked themselves at least once or twice.                 So what causes these dark blotches or spots on the skin of bass? Well, nobody really knows exactly but its called melanosis (melanin is a