Bass Eating Goldfish

Largemouth bass are known to eat a extremely wide variety of prey. Everything from worms, lizards, frogs, other fish, and even birds are known to be on the menu for largemouth. In captivity and occasionally as fishing bait - feeder goldfish are used to entice bass into biting.  Goldfish do not

Drones For Fishing – Are They Worth It?

For years anglers have been bringing along cameras to document their catch. With the introduction of HD action cameras like the GoPro, fishermen were able to capture underwater video footage of bass spawning, schooling, eating, swimming, etc. Now, quality drones with extended range and HD video capabilities are available to

Dr. Pepper Bottle with Largemouth Bass on Label

Summer 2016 - Dr. Pepper created limited custom "Pick Your Pepper" labels for their soda bottles and just so happened to give a shout out to bass anglers. The below pictured Dr. Pepper bottle has largemouth bass chasing lures in all directions.  No word on if Dr. Pepper will continue to