Record Holding Largemouth Bass From All 50 States

We have all heard of Manabu Kurita's world record shattering 22.331 pound bass caught in Japan in mid-2009. And we have heard legends of George Perry's 22.25 pounder caught on Montgomery Lake in Georgia in 1932. But what if you live in a state where the average weight of a bass caught

Bass World Records

Largemouth Bass World Records Weight Rank Weight Angler Location Date 1a 22.311 Manabu Kurita Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan July 2nd, 2009* 1b 22.25 George Perry Montgomery Lake, Georgia, USA June 2nd, 1932* 3 22.01 Robert Crupi Castaic Lake, California, USA March 12th, 1991 4 21.75 Michael Arujo Castaic Lake, California, USA March 5th, 1991 5 21.688 Jed Dickerson Lake Dixon, California, USA May 31st, 2003 6 21.2 Raymond Easley Lake Casitas, California, USA March 4th, 1980 7 21.01 Robert Crupi Castaic Lake, California, USA March 9th, 1990 8 20.938* Dave Zimmerlee Miramar Reservoir, California, USA June

Bass Boat Check-List

Aside from the standard boating equipment - tackle and rods, and the standard coastguard equipment - life jackets and other safety equipment the folks at Bass Fishing Facts have put together an awesome checklist of items to make sure you don't leave home without. *Fire Extinguisher (Required) Hose Clamps *PFD's (Required) Jack (Check to

Gold Largemouth Bass? | Are they real?

FACT OR FICTION? Is The Mythical Golden Bass Real? Gold largemouth bass? Have you heard the myth or seen the pictures? Yes, gold bass are real - it's true, but bass turn gold because of an extremely rare occurrence that is believed to be caused by a genetic mutation. This genetic anomaly is known