Record Holding Largemouth Bass From All 50 States

We have all heard of Manabu Kurita's world record shattering 22.331 pound bass caught in Japan in mid-2009. And we have heard legends of George Perry's 22.25 pounder caught on Montgomery Lake in Georgia in 1932. But what if you live in a state where the average weight of a bass caught

Bass World Records

Largemouth Bass World Records Weight Rank Weight Angler Location Date 1a 22.311 Manabu Kurita Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan July 2nd, 2009* 1b 22.25 George Perry Montgomery Lake, Georgia, USA June 2nd, 1932* 3 22.01 Robert Crupi Castaic Lake, California, USA March 12th, 1991 4 21.75 Michael Arujo Castaic Lake, California, USA March 5th, 1991 5 21.688 Jed Dickerson Lake Dixon, California, USA May 31st, 2003 6 21.2 Raymond Easley Lake Casitas, California, USA March 4th, 1980 7 21.01 Robert Crupi Castaic Lake, California, USA March 9th, 1990 8 20.938* Dave Zimmerlee Miramar Reservoir, California, USA June

Bass Boat Checklist

Here is a comprehensive boating and fishing checklist of items to make sure you don't leave home without. This list assumes you have already packed the standard boating equipment like tackle, rods, life jackets and other safety equipment. *Fire Extinguisher (Required) Hose Clamps *PFD's (Required) Jack (Check to make sure jack will fit under

Gold Largemouth Bass? | Are they real?

FACT OR FICTION? Is The Mythical Golden Bass Real? Gold largemouth bass? Have you heard the myth or seen the pictures? Yes, gold bass are real - it's true, but bass turn gold because of an extremely rare occurrence that is believed to be caused by a genetic mutation. This genetic anomaly is known