Pet Largemouth Bass

Owning a largemouth bass can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. There are several things to keep in mind before deciding on having a large fish as a pet such as their aggressive nature and longevity. The largemouth bass is a fast growing, aggressive apex predator fish that does not

Drones For Fishing – Are They Worth It?

For years anglers have been bringing along cameras to document their catch. With the introduction of HD action cameras like the GoPro, fishermen were able to capture underwater video footage of bass spawning, schooling, eating, swimming, etc. Now, quality drones with extended range and HD video capabilities are available to

Jig Fishing | How to Fish a Jig For Bass

While not the easiest or most popular way of fishing – using a jig is an important part of the fishing arsenal that every angler should know. Jigs can be fished in a number of ways, at a variety of depths, and in various conditions. COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED Jigs are the most customizable

Better Fish Pictures

We all love the thrill of catching a fish and we all love to capture that moment with a picture. You don't need a fancy camera and your fish doesn't have to be a monster to take great looking fish photos. I take two kinds of fish photos when I'm on

Garage Kayak Hanging

Don't leave your kayak outside to be attacked by the elements. If you have wall space in your garage you can easily hang two kayaks for less than $20 each. This DIY kayak rack can be completed in a matter of minutes. Here is a list of the supplies you will need: Heavy

Fishing Knots

There are several good knots to know when fishing. Below are four of our favorite. Palomar Knot Here are the steps to tie a Palomar knot (Figure 1): Step 1: Loop 3 to 4 inches of line and pass loop through hook eye - short end must not pass through the eye. Step 2:

Bass Boat Checklist

Here is a comprehensive boating and fishing checklist of items to make sure you don't leave home without. This list assumes you have already packed the standard boating equipment like tackle, rods, life jackets and other safety equipment. *Fire Extinguisher (Required) Hose Clamps *PFD's (Required) Jack (Check to make sure jack will fit under