Jig Fishing | How to Fish a Jig For Bass

While not the easiest or most popular way of fishing – using a jig is an important part of the fishing arsenal that every angler should know. Jigs can be fished in a number of ways, at a variety of depths, and in various conditions. COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED Jigs are the most customizable

Classic Bass Lures

Bass fishing as a hobby has been around for decades - which means many anglers of today have old and classic bass lures that they have inherited or acquired over time. Some fishermen use the lures in their everyday approach while others showcase them because of their rarity and vintage

Whopper Plopper Review

  One of the hottest new baits in 2016 is the River2Sea Whopper Plopper. Originally designed to catch northern species like the pike and walleye the Whopper Plopper not only accomplished that mission but caught many small and largemouth bass along the way. Now clearly in the bass catching category frame

Do bass have a favorite color?

The answer is surprisingly yes! Studies have shown that bass are more likely to strike lures that were or included the color RED. This only held true in shallower water as RED is also the first color to disappear as you travel deeper into the water column. The next time you are