Drones For Fishing – Are They Worth It?

For years anglers have been bringing along cameras to document their catch. With the introduction of HD action cameras like the GoPro, fishermen were able to capture underwater video footage of bass spawning, schooling, eating, swimming, etc. Now, quality drones with extended range and HD video capabilities are available to consumers at a relatively cheap price. Anglers can now document their time on the water from above and at angles never used before.

“A drone allows anglers to get a birds eye view in real-time.”

One of the older DJI Phantom 3 Standard drones was used to shoot the video below. Even though the video is not HD and slightly choppy – as you can see, the Phantom Drone has great range and wind resisting capabilities. If able, splurge and get a drone with a high-definition (HD) camera. 


If you purchase a quality camera drone here is what you can expect:

Drone Captures Fishing Video Above Boat


  • Stunning Aerial Footage
  • Real-time Birds Eye View 
  • New Video Angle For Documenting Fishing Trips
  • Easy To Fly
  • Ability to Add-On Items (cameras, gimbals, etc.)


  • Short Batter Life (20 minutes on average)
  • Can Be Easily Damaged 
  • Expensive To Repair


Yes, a drone is most definitely worth it if an entry level price point of $400-500 is in your spending range. The company DJI is the largest commercial drone seller in North America and not only make quality products but constantly update their software to back them up.

When considering the purchase of a drone my priorities would be to first get off-shore and on the water before spending on a drone. You can find a nice kayak or even a jon boat for the same amount as most drones. 

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