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With bass fishing being as popular as ever – whether searching for a new phone background or a beautiful piece of original art to hang above your mantel – there are tons of exceptional artists creating quality lifelike and abstract bass paintings that can be enjoyed by all. Some of these works are digital while others are completed solely by hand (and then being scanned and uploaded of course).

“Dragon Slayer” © Jason Mathias

Here are some of the best largemouth bass paintings and artwork on the web today.

Jason Mathias – Dragon Slayer (Largemouth Bass)

One of my favorite artists is Jason Mathias for his truly realistic interpretations of predator vs prey. This cleverly named and beautifully drawn piece showcasing a largemouth bass airborne about to chomp down on a dragonfly can be purchased in print version for just $45. Interested in owning the original? As of December 2016 the original is still for sale!

Yusniel Santos

This beautiful drawing was made using oil pastels on black paper. This has lots of intricate details that are hard to pull off on a sketch – Yusniel does a great job with this work. As of December 2016 the original drawing is still for sale via ETSY!

Copyright Yusniel Santos
© Yusniel Santos
Copyright Yusniel Santos
© Yusniel Santos







Cory Trepanier

Although Cory has not produced a bass or fishing related painting in sometime – his work truly set the standard for underwater and split level game-fish paintings. Cory covered a multitude of species and is magically able to draw what anglers imagine is taking place beneath the surface. The four paintings that Cory did covering bass are “Boat Bass”, “Log Hawg”, “Anticipation” and “Off the Top!”

"Anticipation" ©Cory Trepanier
“Anticipation” © Cory Trepanier
"Off the Top!" © Cory Trepanier
“Off the Top!” © Cory Trepanier









"Log Hawg" © Cory Trepanier
“Log Hawg” © Cory Trepanier









With a very distinct and somewhat abstract style that yet maintains attention to detail and showcases brilliant colors are paintings by the artist known as Savlen. His works are the kind you would find in hotel lobbies, lake houses and in magazines. Sadly, all of his bass related original paintings have been sold but you can still purchase a print via his website for $49.95.

© Savlen
© Savlen
© Savlen
© Savlen










Bob Crawford

Using mostly acrylics, Bob Crawford is able to craft together excellent color combinations to make excitingly animated underwater events. Bob brings his paintings to life by adding personality and character – you can see it looks like a fish is scared in one of his paintings while the other bass is angrily and aggressively chasing shad. All of Bob’s artwork is featured on and several of the originals are still for sale!

Bass Chasing Shads © Bob Crawford
“Bass Chasing Shads” © Bob Crawford
"Bass On The Feed" © Bob Crawford
“Bass On The Feed” © Bob Crawford
"Bass Taking Blue Gill" © Bob Crawford
“Bass Taking Blue Gill” © Bob Crawford








"Small Mouth Bass" © Bob Crawford
“Small Mouth Bass” © Bob Crawford








Jon Q Wright

Jon is the is the president and founder of JQ Licensing. He has grouped up with 40+ other artists to promote and sell their work. Jon is an artist himself and has produced 38 limited and open-edition freshwater fish prints. Jon’s digital prints are stunning in their detail and clarity.

© Jon Q Wright
© Jon Q Wright
© Jon Q Wright
© Jon Q Wright

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