Longest Bass Ever

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Catching a personal best or “PB” is always one of the biggest thrills you can have while fishing. For many years a PB was always measured in weight, but recently a new category has emerged; in inches.

That’s right, with the explosion in the popularity of kayak fishing in recent years many new anglers simply are not able to quickly and efficiently weigh fish from a kayak. In comes the hawg trough or some other measuring device. These devices allow anglers to quickly measure the length of a fish and snap a photo if needed before releasing the bass.

Recently I pulled in a new PB of 23 inches and some change on Town Lake aka Lady Bird Lake here in Austin, Texas. I believe it was around a 7.5 lb fish but you can be the judge. Also, I have really cool story about how I wouldn’t have caught that fish if I wasn’t wearing my Costa’s and you can read that here.

The world record length for a largemouth bass is 29.5 inches.

Tight lines and good times and think about measuring your fish as well as weighing it to add an extra dimension to your stat and guide books.

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