Lucky Tackle Box (LTB) vs Mystery Tackle Box (MTB)

Monthly subscription boxes have become all the rage of late. You can sign up (and pay) to receive a monthly shipment of everything from science kits to clothing to….well, fishing gear.

The “What’s Inside” Sheet for LTB left and MTB right – July 2017.

Two of the most popular bass fishing monthly subscription boxes are Lucky Tackle Box (LTB) and the Mystery Tackle Box (MTB). Both currently offer an entry level subscription package for $14.99/month, or cheaper if you subscribe for multiple months at once. 

Both MTB and LTB typically accept a variety of promotional codes (even old ones) that allow you get a box for $5 including free shipping. You can simply cancel the subscription after the month and get the bait box for just 5 bucks. I found the following promotion codes on the web: For $10 off Mystery Tackle Box try: TRYMTB. For $10 off Lucky Tackle Box try: SAVE10

July 2017 Bass box shipments from MTB and LTB.

This video compares the July 2017 bass fishing gear (normal $14.99 membership) box shipment from each company: Lucky Tackle Box (LTB) and Mystery Tackle Box (MTB). The estimated retail value for LTB was $44.75 while the retail value of MTB was $24.83. The Lucky Tackle Box focused on topwater baits while the Mystery Tackle Box contained drop shot baits with the added frog.

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