Nick Dulleck Lands World Record Spotted Bass | February 2017 | Q&A

Nick Dulleck World Record Spotted Bass © @supranick on instagram

The IGFA has just certified Nick Dulleck’s spotted bass catch as the new world record!


WEIGHT: 11 lbs 4 oz (5.1 kg)  LENGTH: 24.5 inches GIRTH: 20.75 inches

LOCATION: New Bullards Bar Reservoir, California, USA

ANGLER: Nick Dulleck 

DATE: February 12, 2017

Using a Dirty Jigs Finesse Football Jig paired with a Gary Yamamoto Double Tail Grub trailer, Nick hooked in to the 11 lb 4 oz record in the early hours of February 12, 2017. He then promptly spent the rest of his day documenting the catch for a potential certification; knowing all too well the difficulties other anglers have had in certifying potential record catches. 

Nick Dulleck Spotted Bass Record © @supranick on instagram

Just as with largemouth bass – California is THE state for spotted bass – and within California, New Bullards Bar Resevoir is known to be THE place for potential record spotted bass. 


Nick Dulleck is a world record holder, having caught the heaviest spotted bass in the world; an 11 lb 4 oz fish that shattered the previous world record of 10 lbs 6 oz set just 2 years prior (however, he only nudged past the previous California Spotted Bass State record – which was an 11 lb 3 oz fish caught by Louis Ferrante on the same reservoir in 2015). We caught up with Nick to find out a little more about his historic catch, general fishing thoughts, and what he plans to do next.

What is your favorite Gary Yamamoto soft plastic bait? The original 5” Senko.

What is your favorite Dirty Jig weight, shape and color? The 3/8 Tour Level Pitching Jig.

Any thoughts on where the fish that breaks your record will come from? Northern California has a few lakes that I believe could hold another World Record.

When did you get into big bass fishing seriously? I started Bass fishing at 12-13 years old, riding my bicycle with rod and tackle to local ponds and lakes. The passion grew throughout my teens, I fished float tube tournaments once I had a car and considered buying a boat and fishing professionally after High School. Side note: I think the College BASS programs today are great, I went to a private college and did not have the opportunity to fish for my school but these programs are a great and I recommend to anyone that is interested to check them out.

How soon into the fight did you know/think it was the record? I knew it was big from the initial hookset, but how huge I didn’t know until it hit the net.

I know the fish was released alive. Do you plan to have a replica made? Yes, a 360 degree replica is being made by Lawrence Taxidermy in Iowa.

Has this changed your passion or the pressure you feel now? The passion has grown, I think a lot about other records and what else I’d like to accomplish (lake, state, world records).

Any words of wisdom? Fish for yourself, DREAM BIG and follow your heart.

Below is a video posted by Nick documenting his catch and also of his interview with Dave Mercer during his time in Houston, Texas for the 2017 Bassmaster Classic.

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