Night Fishing

In the summer, especially in southern states, the heat of the day causes the fishing pattern to change. Anglers often come out earlier or stay out later because of the heat. Some anglers decide to simply fish during the night. In lakes that are stained and muddy fish tend to feed throughout the day as opportunities arise. Bass in lakes that are clear and busy with recreational boaters during the day tend to be feed during the night once the waters are more quiet. 

Night fishing.

The best conditions for night fishing are moonless nights. Bass are sensitive to light and turn away from well-lit areas. It is recommended to use a red colored headlamp when fishing at night. Not only to preserve your vision but also not to scare fish away.

Larger bass move into shallower water at night when the water cools and calms. They feed near brush piles, gravel areas, boat docks, and rocky outcrops. Use spinning tackle and a 5 inch work around these areas to land some impressive trophy bass. Spinning tackle reduces the possibility of line tangles (birds-nesting) and backlash because of the reduced visibility.

No matter what lure you use, you must ensure you retrieve at a steady rate. At night, fish locate prey by sound, changing the pattern of the lure may avert the fish.

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