What happens to your lure when a bass breaks your line?

What happens to your lure when a bass breaks your line?

Several things can happen:

  1. The bass will rub and work the hook out against the bottom.
  2. The bass will jump and shake to rid itself of the hook.
  3. Someone else will catch the bass again soon and remove the hook.
  4. After a much longer period of time the hook will rust out and fall from the fishes mouth.


     5. The bass will die.

From a recent study on northern pike, almost all were able to rid themselves of treble hooks in a matter of DAYS and most of the time even less than that. While you can obviously not directly correlate the above study to a largemouth bass; there have been many angling stories of a fish breaking off only to find the lure floating in the water the next day or examples of fishermen catching bass with another bait protruding from its stomach.

It may very well be hard to judge just how well bass do after a break off for a number of reasons. First off, depending on the number of turtles in the area, they can easily finish off a fish overnight. Also, a weighted lure may cause the bass to become caught in underwater vegetation or sink to the bottom where anglers would not see.

The bottom line is there are steps anglers can take to reduce the amount of break-offs they experience:

  1. Ensure you tie on a quality knot, such as the Palomar Knot.
  2. Check line for abrasions – especially fluorocarbon and mono-filament AND retie often!
  3. Do NOT hoist a large fish out of the water using only the rod and the strength of the fishing line.
  4. Set drag appropriately so as not to put undo stress on the line.

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