Why Do Some Bass Have Black Spots

Why do some bass that I catch have black spots?

That is a question that many anglers have asked themselves at least once or twice.

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So what causes these dark blotches or spots on the skin of bass? Well, nobody really knows exactly but its called melanosis (melanin is a black pigment in the skin cells of fish) and the general consensus from longtime professional anglers is that it is a sign of a healthy bass in healthy waters. The spots could be caused by something that is genetic and the fish may be born with the splotches at birth. It could also be viral or related to environmental factors unique to that particular body of water.

Here are some ways people often try to describe these fish to others:

  • Bass with oil spots
  • Blotchy Bass
  • Dalmatian largemouth bass
  • Bass with black spots
  • Camouflage bass

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