Zako Swimbait-Trailer Review | Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits 4″ Zako

About the Zako

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Zako Sample Pack
Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Zako Sample Pack

The Zako was launched by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits in 2017 and was designed by professional angler Brett Hite. This bait mimics bluegill and shad with a more rounded belly and is typically fished as a swimbait trailer or by flipping. The small accordion-like tail closely resembles baitfish and improves hookset ratios by folding in on itself. While fishing with the lure before it was named, Brett often referred to it as, “my little fish” – “Zako” means “little fish” in Japanese and hence how the name was born.

The Gary Yamamoto crew gave out some new product samples during the 2017 Bassmaster Classic in Houston, Texas.  Anglers and fans also had the opportunity to meet and take a selfie with the legend (Gary) himself.

Zako Rigging

Largemouth Bass caught on a Texas-rigged Zako by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits
Largemouth Bass caught on a Texas-rigged Zako by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits

The Zako is described as the perfect swimbait trailer for a vibrating jig (aka chatterbait). The second most popular way to rig the Zako (and one that is quickly gaining momentum) is simply Texas-rigging it for flipping. 

Zako Size Selection

Only available in the 4 inch length. 

Zenko Color Selection

The Zako is offered in 15 different color/glitter combinations: Black w/blue flake (021), Pumpkin Pepper (297), Chartreuse Shad (909), Electric Shad (973), Rainbow Shad (992), Cream White (036), Disco Green (375), Green Pumpkin/Lemon laminate (929), Green Pumpkin/White laminate (981), Sight Flash (993), Tennessee Shad (994), 021/297 laminate (991), Watermelon w/copper/Orange w/red laminate (956), Watermelon/Lemon laminate (906), and Fading Watermelon Pepper (194J)


Review overview
Summary The Zako is off to hot start but is unproven in the fishing world - good thing this lure is manufactured by the legendary Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits companay. This lure is assigned a 4 star rating because of its potential and quick success. One star is deducted for lack of color options.

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