Jig Fishing | How to Fish a Jig For Bass

While not the easiest or most popular way of fishing – using a jig is an important part of the fishing arsenal that every angler should know. Jigs can be fished in a number of ways, at a variety of depths, and in various conditions.


Skirted Weedless Jig with Soft Plastic Trailer © Bass Fishing Facts

Jigs are the most customizable bait in bass fishing. Fishermen have several choices when deciding on a jig setup – from the jig head, skirt, and soft-plastic trailer.

Anglers can choose between:

 Jig Head: Size, Color, Shape, Weight

Jig Skirt: Color, Length

Jig Trailer: Color, Shape, Length

Jig Add-Ons: Weed-Guard, Rattle

An example JIG set up: A ¾ oz. black-and-blue Strike King Hack Attack Jig paired with a Junebug Strike King Rage Tail Craw trailer.

Kevin Van Dam says he would pick a jig and crankbait if he could only have two baits. His tip for anglers working on the technique is to go to places where you know you can get bites.


Jigs are traditionally meant to be dragged along the lake bottom. However, anglers can also hop or swim them back on their retrieve. Using a jig allows fishermen to tell the lake bottom composition. Anglers can use heavy jigs with weed-guards to flip and pitch to punch through vegetation and target hard to reach bass. Jigs can imitate everything from scurrying crawfish to swimming shad depending on the setup.

KVD pairs with BPS to bring you a the jig fishing tips video you see below.


If jigs are known for one thing – it’s for catching HUGE bass. Maybe the saying larger fish eat larger baits or the fact they are so customized but jigs can be a difference maker for angler on the water.

Just this year, up and coming Carhart sponsored angler, Jordan Lee won the 2017 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe by using a homemade football jig paired with a Rage Craw and a Space Monkey for a trailer.

The current world record spotted bass caught on New Bullards Bar Resevoir in Califronia by Nick Dulleck in February 2017 was caught using a dirty jigs finesse football jig paired with a Gary Yamamoto Double Tail Grub trailer.


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