Selfies on a Boat




GoPro’s and drones have changed the game and now amateur and immature fold are able to look semi professional for only a few hundred dollars.

If you are looking to take photos or videos from your boat or kayak there are plenty of camera and mounting options.

GoPro – they were the first into the outdoor HD video camera market and are still the juggernaut. You can expect good quality from even the entry level cameras.

Polaroid – trying not to flounder as a company, Polaroid decided to make the jump into the action camera segment. With an entry level price point of $99, Polaroid is attempting to appeal to a younger and less financially savvy customers. The camera quality is good but they do not have the added features that come standard on the GoPro’s; such as bluetooth capability.

If you want to take your photos and videos to the sky you can invest in a drone. Ranging from a few hundred to several thousands, drones allow anglers to document a cool new perspective while on the water.

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