The Top 5 States for Bass Fishing

Nothing gets an anglers adrenaline pumping like hooking up with a trophy largemouth bass. Quality bass can be found in lakes all across the United States but there are only 5 states that play host to potential world-record breaking lunker largemouth.


More of the World Record Top  25 biggest largemouth bass of all-time have come from California than any other state (or place in the world.) California boasts 20 out of the Top 25 records.

Some of the record producing Californian lakes are: Castaic Lake, Lake Dixon and the Miramar Reservoir. Many of the lakes in California are stocked with rainbow trout which offer bass a great high protein diet -mix that with a year round growing climate and you have a recipe for world-record largemouth.


Ever heard of the Florida strain of largemouth bass? Known for their accelerated growth rate and aggressiveness – Florida largemouth can easily push 15 pounds. Not only is it possible to catch a fish of a lifetime, it is possible to catch several quality bass on each outing in many Florida lakes. Head over to Lake Tohopekaliga or “Big Fish Lake” the next time you are in the great Sunshine State.


In the great Lone State state of Texas anglers can find an abundance of trophy largemouth lakes. East Texas lakes such as Caddo, Fork and South Texas lakes like Choke Canyon and Falcon are all known for producing great double digit fish. The state of Texas’ parks and wildlife department has down a great job of stocking lakes and promoting quality largemouth bass genes with their sharelunker program sponsored by Toyota.


Just like in Texas, the state of Mississippi has implemented a great fisheries management structure that has begun to produce very large bass. More and more fish in the 14 to 16 pound range have been reported in recent years. Some of the best locations in Mississippi to target monster bass are: Davis Lake, Neshoba Lake, Natchez State Park Lake and Calling Panther Lake.


There is no way to leave Georgia off the list since the largest bass of all time was caught on Montgomery Lake by George Perry in 1932. Places like Lake Thurmond, Lake Seminole and Lake Savannah can easily produce tournament stringers (5 weighed fish) of 25 pounds or more.

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